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Few Words About Myself Nice to Meet You

Nice to meet you, friend! My name is Glenn, most call me “NN” because of the two N’s. I’m a professional photographer from Southern California. I hope you  my photo portfolio,  after that reach out and we can create something great together!

Through the lens our world looks different and I would love to show you this difference. I learned that at age 10, when I first captured photos with an old Kodak manual camera. Many years of practice and study under some amazing photographers has given me the “eye”. I love capturing light in a different and unique way. Let’s connect on your project and create something amazing together…

Projects Completed
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Where magic is happening My Studio

Whether on location or in studio,  we work together with lights and shadows to create something brilliant, something entirely new that is truly you. 

How does this happen Processing

We are a full Adobe shop, perfecting the look images and videos to make them “pop”.


How does this happen Photo Processing

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